Friday, 17 April 2015

Scooter Turned Into A Rocking Chair

Imaginative Photo Manipulations Explore Faraway Worlds of Fantasy

Australia's Oldest Man Knits Adorable Sweaters to Save Oil-Covered Penguins

Striking Orange Staircase Visible from Outside of Modern Home

Dreamy 3D Paper Creations Gracefully Re-Imagine Nature's Beauty

Adorable Orphaned Baby Bats Cared for by Australian Bat Clinic

21-Year-Old Visually Impaired Artist Has Raised $1 Million for Charity through Stunning Paintings

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Shelf Made From Shipping Crates

Globes Turned Into Lamps

Car Turned Into A Chicken Coop

Door Turned Into A Collage Photo Frame

Mac Pc Turned Into A Mailbox

Bed Frame Turned Into A Flower Garden

Astronomy Photos Taken 10 Hours Apart Show Sun and Moon Ice Halos Aligning

Whimsical Plant Sculptures Created from Recycled PET Plastic Bottles

Mind-Bending Coffee Table Looks like It's Supported by Falling Dominos