Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wire Animal Sculptures Look Like Life-Size Scribbled Drawings Suspended in Mid-Air

Slanted Modular Shelving Unit Requires No Glue, Screws, or Complex Instructions

Creative Apple Artwork

Adorable Hedgehog Continues His Reign of Cuteness on Twitter

Mesmerizing Hourglass Tells Time with Bubbles Instead of Sand

Enchanting Cloud of 1,100 Umbrellas Suspend Above a Grand Hall

Elegant Cat Furniture Purrfectly Complements a Contemporary Interior

Gorgeous Surfboards and Skate Decks Completely Cloaked in Famous Classical Artworks

Friday, 2 October 2015

Multiuse Furnishing

Photographer Takes Incredible Self Portraits Posed in Vast Landscapes

Artist's Amazing Invention Offers Handicapped Children a Fun Way to Paint

Exquisite Installations Unwind Strands of Ropes into Delicate Trees

Attractive Fruit Art

New Salvaged Wood Pieces Fused with Geometric Patterns by Jason Middlebrook

Designer Transforms Wood Fragments into Brilliant, One-of-a-Kind Accessories

Majestic Animals Envisioned as Hundreds of Multicolored Dots

Majestic Animals Envisioned as Hundreds of Multicolored Dots 1

Heartwarming Photos Highlight Adventurous Bond Between Pups and Humans