Friday, 24 March 2017

The Colorful Tears in Unicorn Candle When you Light it

This Unicorn Candle Cries Waxy, Colorful Tears When You Light   wanted to make a mythical creature cry? As nothing is more lovely than a unicorn crying colorful tears, because this is a perfect piece of rare home d├ęcor for fans of mythical steeds? Therefore, this majestic weeping candle will add more or less charmed, if slightly creepy, mood lighting to any room in your house. You just need to light the tip of its magically spiraled horn and this magnificent beast bursts into colorful tears, weeping a waxy rainbow from its two hollow eyes, leaving a trail of bright colors that will drip down its body. However, this is made from pure white ceramic, and this significantly kitsch ornament comes with two spare horns so you can make it cry again and again. Thus, if you're looking to consume the fabled powers of Unicorn tears you need to take swig of our Unicorn Tears Gin.